Testeck: Leiter der Cable Electric Company

In the cable power industry, Testeck has become a leading Cable Electric Company with its superior quality and innovative technology. Customer first, technological innovation Testeck has always been customer-centric, driven by technological innovation, and is committed to providing the highest quality cable power solutions to customers around the world. As a Cable Electric Company, Testeck not only has rich ind
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Wie verbessert das 2-adrige Hochtemperaturkabel Ihre industrielle Effizienz?

In modern industrial production, high-temperature cables have become an indispensable tool. Especially in situations where power transmission is required in high-temperature environments, such as steel smelting, chemical production, etc., the importance of high-temperature cables is self-evident. Among all high-temperature cables, 2 Conductor High Temperature Cable is favored by the majority of industrial producers b
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Diskussion: Vier Eigenschaften von Hochtemperaturkabeln

1. High temperature resistance High temperature cable, as the name suggests, it has a strong high temperature resistance. The same is true in fact. The high temperature cable adopts a new type of shell material, which has greatly improved the high temperature resistance compared with the traditional cable. 2. Long service life After being used for a period of time, ordinary cables are prone to aging, which r
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Was bestimmt den Bedarf an hitzebeständigen und Hochtemperaturdrähten und Hochtemperaturkabeln?

Cables working in high temperature environments. Ordinary cables are prone to insulation aging and scorching at high temperatures, and the cables lose their performance and cannot be used due to damage. The high temperature cable can work normally and stably at the rated high temperature, the signal or power transmission performance will not be affected, and it can also ensure that the cable has a long service lif
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